POLARIS (North-star) - Sustainability Project: (For our people, community, environment and future generations)

It has been acknowledged that our theme for 2015-2017 would be "From a Proud Past, To a Sustainable Future." We believe that the powerful and sustainable growth of family businesses, being the locomotive of economy in the globe as well as in Turkey, is directly related to blending past experiences with future plans.

In such times where the topic of "sustainability" remains on the agenda, as we have shared with our members in our TAİDER pledge, we promise that we will seize upon a sustainable business approach for the sake of assuring our future for our people, environment, communities and future generations.

To this end, within the context of our project, we are starting the "Polaris Effect Measuring" entitled online measuring program for family businesses to evaluate their works in the field of sustainability.

For this program, we cooperated with B-Lab through FBN -I (Family Business Network International), an institution that measures online and certificates the social and environmental works of businesses.

Our aim in this project is to determine businesses' existing situation in the sense of sustainability and discover leverageable areas.

The businesses can score according to their answer to each question, can see how their score compares to other businesses that have joined the study (benchmarking), and the improvable areas are defined in the evaluation section.

The steps suggested within the frame of the project upon completing the measurement are:

Sharing the results with the family and administrative team
Planning for areas of development

In this way, we target our members to deepen their perspective on the concept of "sustainability" and enhance their awareness on taking application-oriented action.

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