Message from the President

Message from the President

TAİDER Family Business Association was established in 2012 with the mission of leading continuity of the family businesses in Turkey for generation based upon the motto “Unity in the Family, Sustainability in the Business”. With this understanding, today it has reached 216 family businesses and 728 family members from every region of Turkey.

We have undersigned many projects and events since our establishment in order to realize the goals we have set based upon our reason of being. We have reflected the agenda of family businesses in Turkey getting in touch with more than 10 thousand people in more than 300 events in a nine-year period, and we have learnt from each other on the secure platforms we created. We have come together with many family business owners, non-governmental organization managers, academicians and consultants, who are specialized in their fields, and held awareness and information panels, seminars and interviews through activities and trainings we organize jointly with non-governmental organizations, chambers and universities that we are stakeholders of. As a result of all these efforts, we are happy if we have been able to increase the awareness of family businesses and inspire them on their sustainability journey.

Since the first day, our association has been proudly growing with a great momentum, not only in Turkey, but also as an International FBN stakeholder, headquartered in Switzerland, with 15000 family business members registered. I would like to thank all our presidents, our board of directors, our association members, and non-governmental organizations, universities and our other stakeholders who have contributed to our effectiveness so far. We shall continue to increase our cooperation with our stakeholders with the mission we took over from our founders also in our new term of office.

One of TAIDER's most important responsibilities is the sustainability of family businesses. We express at every opportunity that in order for family businesses to achieve strong and sustainable growth from generation to generation, three dimensions consisting of family, business and partnership dynamics must be taken into consideration, and that it is essential to allocate effort, resources and time to work on these three dimensions. In this context, we are working on increasing this awareness. We will run towards our goals with great enthusiasm also in the next term of office. We will continue to guide and be a light to family businesses with the researches we will conduct.

I believe that, as TAIDER, our cooperation with business world platforms and our regular consultations strengthen the social steps taken for the economic development of our country. With the support of our members, representatives and all our staff, we will resolutely continue our mission of maintaining and increasing the sustainability of family businesses with our new projects.

We aim to carry out activities and projects in line with the mission of TAIDER in the new term of office with our working groups, which we call committees, which are extremely important for non-governmental organizations. We believe that our efforts, which will strengthen the interaction and involvement among our members and enable us to move forward with a common mind, will provide great benefits to the development of TAIDER and our country's family businesses in this term of office as well.

I wish success to all members of the board of directors and supervisory board, committees and provincial representatives, who took office in the 2021-2023 period, in their new duties, and I wish to meet with all our members in our new activities that are far from the pandemic, with plenty of sharing and joy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again to all our former presidents and members of the board of directors for this valuable legacy and their efforts that they have meticulously carried up to now.

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