Family Business Association / Taider members are able to make use of activity discounts in all stakeholder activities implemented for the members by our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey / About CGAT

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (CGAT), operating with the mission of recognition, development and implementation of the corporate governance approach through the best practices in our country, was established as a voluntary non-governmental organization in 2003. CGAT, targeting to be a guide in all the fields affected by the corporate governance approach established on the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility, aims at the development of corporate governance practices by establishing a communication network between the private sector, government agencies, media, regulators, non-governmental organizations and the academic world.

Ethics and Reputation Society of Turkey / About TEİD

Ethics and Reputation Society of Turkey (TEİD), operating and established for the purpose of contributing to achieve the public interest by transferring its studies with regard to the ethical principles to all segments of society in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and the relevant legal principles and becoming a reference center and leading to the adoption and implementation of the universal principles of business ethics throughout the community in Turkey, is a non-governmental organization.


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