Corporate Membership (In terms of Legal Persons)

- Legal persons vote through Chairman of the Board of Directors or a person appointed by him.
- Upon expiry of this person’s chairmanship and representation office, the person who will vote on behalf of the legal person is re-appointed.
- Legal person members are also entitled to a single vote.
- Person who shall use the representative authority on behalf of the legal person is obligated to meet the membership requirements as stipulated by the association with respect to real persons.
- Maximum five (5) real persons acting on account of this association for each legal person are capa-ble of benefiting from the activities of the association.
- However, above remains unaffected for representation of the legal person.
- Legal persons from the moment of being a member have the right to take part in the association’s activities.
- Membership entrance fee is 5000 TL and annual fee is 2000 TL for a legal person (corporate mem-bership).

Click here to download -> “TAİDER Corporate & Individual Membership Application Form”

“After you fill out and sign membership application form and information form, please send both by POST to our association center. “

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